Keyworkers Thanking Wall

Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.

To: WADFES, WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Thank you , we are blessed to have Firefighters looking out for us 😘

Heather Hardie

To: All Staff, Power in People

What an absolutely amazing organisation you are, thank you to everyone involved :)


To: My Family and Friends

I am thankful for my family and friends, that they always support me in hard times.

Dehan van den Heever

To: My Family

I’m thankful for my family and that we can still have fun in this pandemic.

Jobey Mok

To: Feeling Thankful

I am thankful for my life.

Ethan 6M

To: Family and Friends

I'm thankful for my friends and family.

Maya Krzychylkiewicz

To: Technology

I am thankful for Minecraft because we can play together with our friends. Also we can use our imagination that God gave us and use it in a fun and relaxing way.


To: My Home, Family and Friends

I’m thankful for a house, zoom, family and friends

Maddie Game

To: God's Presence

I am so grateful for God at this time. In these weeks of uncertainty, God gives us a certainty of love and peace wherever and whatever happens. Through this whole time, God has provided and I think that is something to be grateful for.

Indie Bo Douglass

To: Family

I am thankful for the food that is provided and l am thankful that l can spend time with my family during Covid.

Oscar Marhinin

To: Phone Technology

I am thankful for iPhones, so we could connect with friends and family.

Vicky Hullana

To: Family and Friends

I am thankful for my friends and family and that we have online learning. Also I want to thank the Government, Healthcare Workers, etc. for their support in this time of crisis.


To: My Family and Friends

Thank you for my family and friends and for everything they do for me.

Rebecca Liew

To: Our Families

Thank you for families.

Findlay Hall

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