Rubies Community Care

Show your appreciation during these challenging times.

Rubies Community Care

To: Bishal, Rubies Community Care

Thank you Bishal for passing out every updates so that I am able to contribute to the amazing Rubies Community Care

Nirmal Koirala

To: Amanda Caust, Rubies Community Care

Thank you Amanda for always being so caring & supportive, it is much appreciated. Thank you too for all your help in regards to training.

Kate Maclachlan

To: Anill, Rubies Community Care

An amazing staff to work with. Thank you for always being kind, funny, and helpful :)

Deborah Mayom

To: Bishal, Rubies Community Care

You’re appreciated for the work you’ve been putting in. Thank you for always being there for us and helping when we need :) #RubiesStaff

Deborah Mayom

To: Janak, Rubies Community Care

Thank you Janak for helping me in the starting days.

Abhishek Shahi

To: Rubies Community Care, Rubies Community Care

To all the support staff, thank you for all your hard work and efforts during the covid period. It was greatly appreciated

Kate Maclachlan

To: Rubies Community Care, Rubies Community Care

Thanks for everything you did in the community. Keep up with the good work.

To: Everyone, Rubies Community Care

Thank you for being objective and focused, for being punctual and professional, for being honest and kind, for your friendliness and patient-centred approach. Continue to strive to do better.

Nnaemeka, Sylvanus Nwosu

To: Kaylene, Rubies Community Care

Thankyou kaylene for helping me with my training and being a good friend

Pauline Mills

To: vishav and Tapiwa, Rubies Community Care

Thanks for support and cooperation guys

Gurjeet kaur Sandhu

To: Rubies Communities Care Family especially Triny and Barry, Rubies Community Care

Thank you everyone🙏🏻 be gratefull and thankfull to be part such of an amazing Family, Rubies Communities care 💕 our great caring and love to the participant will always meant a lot for them and for us🙏🏻special thanks to Triny and Barry thank you for having me as a Family🥰

V Tristantin

To: Triny, Rubies Community Care

Thank you

Chiemerie Joshua

To: Patel, Rubies Community Care

Thank you for doing good work.

Anil Dhungana

To: Bhavik Patel, Rubies Community Care

He is helpful and kind collegue.

anju tamang

To: Bhavik Patel, Rubies Community Care

He is very nice and cooperative person. He is always extra helpful.

vishal Banga

To: Janak, Rubies Community Care

Thanks janak for helping me and guiding me.


To: Paris Thomson, Rubies Community Care

I would like to thank Paris for love and kindness she shows the clients at Bluebell House

To: Rubies Community Care Staff, Rubies Community Care

Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Rubies Community Care , for the kindness , respect and dignity you have shown and continue to show our consumers.

Triny Thomson

To: Rubies community care and all staffs, Rubies Community Care

Thank you everyone for this beautiful and joyful year. Happy new year 2023.

To: Rubies Nursing Care staffs and to our management, Rubies Community Care

Thank you so much my Rubies Nursing Care family for giving me an opportunity to work in your organization. Your guidance and advice helped me to truly see things from a different perspective. Looking forward to more years working with our amazing family. We wish you a great holiday season and a wonderful and prosperous 2023

Jenny Rose Ramos

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