Days of Thanks Part 1: Harmony Day

Days of Thanks Part 1: Harmony Day

21st March this year marks Harmony Day, the start of Australia's annual Harmony Week.

Harmony Week is a week that celebrates Australian multiculturalism and the successful integration of migrants into our community.

Famously Australia is home to the longest continuous culture, that of our first Australians, and since their arrival perhaps 50,000 years ago wave after wave of immigrants have made their home in our shared country.

Immigrants have kept on arriving to this day, your writer among them, with almost half of Australians being born overseas or having at least one parent that was.

Between us, Australians claim more than 300 different ancestries with almost 400 languages being spoken in Australian homes. 70 of those alone are Indigenous Australian tongues.

To join in the celebrations for Harmony Day you can find nearby events using the Government website for the event. Alternatively you can use your search engine of choice which, let's face it, will be Google.

About 19 in 20 web searches in Australia are carried out using Google. While we are a diverse bunch there are some things that unite us still!

If you would like to send a message of gratitude to someone of a different culture in Australia or one from your own you can either put a message up on our Facebook group or go to our website. If you would like us to set up a Thanking Wall for your organisation please either email us at or call us on +61 451 591 236.

Thank you to Magnus Manske for the fantastic picture which we have used to illustrate this article.