NAIDOC Week 2022

NAIDOC Week 2022

The National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee, better known as NAIDOC, came into being. It was formed by several groups representing Islanders and Aborigines, supported by several churches, amalgamating to form a single, large group.

NADOC, as it was originally called, held an annual Day of Mourning on 25th January as a day of protest but also as a celebration of Indigenous Australian cultures. NAIDOC continues to call for National Aborigines Day to be made a public holiday.

NAIDOC also sets the tone for NAIDOC Week, this year running from 3rd -- 10th July. NAIDOC decides the theme of the week, the dates and the 'focus city' where key events take place. The focus city for 2022 is Narrm aka Melbourne and the theme is 'Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!'.

This theme follows the ongoing story of Aboriginal struggles against oppression and their continuing fight for rights and cultural protections most Australians take for granted. This runs from Pemulwuy and the Frontier Wars to the ongoing desecration of sacred sites by some of Australia's biggest companies.

In our Acknowledgements of Country we often give thanks to the Traditional Custodians of the land for millennia of care for water, land and air. At Thank And Praise we provide one of many avenues to give thanks as we consider those that have gone before us.

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