One Thousand Messages Of Thanks

One Thousand Messages Of Thanks

Thank And Praise, a company we affectionately know as TAP, has been active in Australia for about a year.

TAP has a very simple idea behind it. That idea is to enable us, the normal everyday people, to say a simple thank you to the unsung heroes of Australia.

To say thank you to the teachers and school helpers that help us to raise and educate the next generation of Australians.

To show our gratitude to the orderlies, doctors, nurses, allied health workers and specialists who help us regain our health when we fall sick as I did late last year.

To praise the emergency services workers, both paid and volunteers, that act to contain and control bushfires and to drag our families, including our pets, from flooded homes.

To celebrate carers, too often poorly paid and treated, who tend to our loved ones in their darkest hours.

All these groups regularly crop up on lists of stressful jobs and jobs likely to cause mental health problems. These people, too often unheralded, go way beyond anything most of us could imagine doing daily only to end up suffering as a result.

TAP can't solve these problems, but perhaps we can help. We provide a platform for all of us to thank our unsung heroes and one thousand people have given messages of gratitude so far. More messages are coming in every day via our website and app, via Facebook and Instagram, via WhatsApp and Twitter.

A small part of my job is calling round to let people know that they have a message of thanks. It really is the best part of my week. You can hear the joy in people's voices when they hear what a difference they made to someone's life and the deeply felt gratitude that person has. We know from research what a difference receiving an expression of gratitude can make to someone but it is wonderful to hear that at first hand.

We would love all Australians to send a message to a carer, a teacher, a nurse, an SES volunteer or to anyone else that needs to hear how much we celebrate what they do. Please help us get to ten thousand messages: each one means so much to the recipient and can change their day for the better.

If you would like to send a message of thanks, celebration, praise or gratitude to someone you can either put a message up on our Facebook group or go to our website. If you would like us to set up a Thanking Wall for your organisation please either email us at or call us on +61 451 591 236.