Snowballs grow: Goodwill creates goodwill

Snowballs grow: Goodwill creates goodwill

The snowball effect is real. From a small amount of goodwill there is more goodwill that spurns.

What goodwill? TAP has been created based on the goodwill of its founders. In turn further goodwill is invested by the growing team. Then more goodwill comes from the clients who put their time in to provide a space for gratitude. More goodwill comes from the users who wish to say Thank you to the key workers: the ones that go that extra mile and may not necessarily get the full recognition they deserve. That is our reason for being.

The snowball continues to grow.

From thanks comes thanks.

We would like to say thank you to the Parramatta City Council who has recently provided TAP Australia a grant to help it improve the mental well-being of the Parramatta community. This is an initiative that enables TAP to focus time and energy on the Parramatta City community, through direct and indirect engagement activities with the community.

So if you know anyone that deserves a thank you and is part of the Parramatta community, and is working in Healthcare, Socialcare, Education or Emergency Services, then please say thanks through our thanking wall at

Do your part to grow the snowball.