Thank you #RuralPositive

Thank you #RuralPositive

TAP is proud to be a part of the NSW Rural Doctor’s Association’s #RuralPositive campaign for 2021.

While it may seem that, for a lot of us, the dust is starting to settle on a year of personal, financial and physical hardship, those working on the frontline in our healthcare professions are still working under difficult conditions.

#RuralPositive is a way for the community to show their appreciation for our healthcare workers who help Australians each and every day. It might be your physio who helps with that niggling backpain, the dental hygienist who keeps your teeth sparkling, or the nurse who cares for your loved one during the night. You might feel like saying thanks to the surgeon who operated on your inflamed knee cap, or the occupational therapist who helped your child to read more fluently.

These everyday heroes deserve to know that we appreciate the years of hard work and training they put in to help us all out.

Head to TAP’s #RuralPositive Thanking Wall to send a message of thanks to a healthcare worker who has helped you recently. You might feel like sending a message to an individual or just a shout out in general to our amazing rural health professionals.

Let them know you care as much as they do!

Say Thank You to a Rural Health Professional Now. Simply visit the #RuralPositive Thanking Wall.