Parramatta Invests in TAP

Parramatta Invests in TAP

TAP Australia thanks Parramatta City Council for investing its time and money in TAP Australia.

We are grateful for the opportunity to focus some time and effort on the Parramatta community, in order to grow the mental well being of its people.

Parramatta City Council awarded TAP Australia a grant through a competitive application process.

This partnership allows both organisations to improve the mental well-being of the Parramatta community by providing a social thanking platform that has some focus on the local area. TAP Australia is looking forward to engaging with the local community and growing the awareness of TAP, and as a result increasing the positivity that flows through the community.

With that in mind, if you know a key worker, someone that works in healthcare, socialcare, education or emergency service, that deserves a Thank you, then please take 1 min to say thank you on our Thanking Wall. You can be anonymous if you chose. And it’s free… no sign ups required.