TAP Awards

We will soon launch an awards program as another way to shine a light on the Unsung Heroes making a positive difference in their work and communities. We will have 3 award categories in 1) Healthcare,  2) Social Care and  3) Education

The winner will be chosen from a short list of messages collected through the TAP platform. TAP then gets into ‘celebration mode’ through sending a certificate and badge to the winning worker and their organisation. TAP also shares their positive story with the local media.

Our colleagues in the UK (TAP Ltd) have already started their TAP Awards program and below are the winners to date.

TAP Award in Healthcare - July 2022

To: Sharon and Natalie

Thank you to Sharon and Natalie from Clinic 5. Today my daughter who is only four, had a blood test. They were so supportive and kind and afterwards spent time with her and offered her to choose a gift from the box for being so brave! She is made up and made a tough little experience lovely for her, thank you for taking your time and being so kind and for letting her change her mind with the gift.

TAP Award in Social Care - June 2022

To: Roy Hill, Kempton House Day Centre, Peachehaven, Sussex

Big Thank You to Roy Hill for all he does at Kempton House he is a great volunteer for over 3 years and help us support so many elderly people in the community especially in lockdown by delivering hot meal Roy is 78 year old but will help others in anyway he can from washing up to friendly chat to fixing a tap.


TAP Award in Healthcare - March 2022

To: Nursing Staff Home Visitors

I just wanted to take this moment to thank all those at Christie’s for their invaluable help that they gave my grandfather and our family during his 20+ years of prostate cancer. During the end of his life, my grandfather was assisted by nurses, who visited his home. Their visits were frequent and reliable. Their professionalism, kindness and support was unparalleled and simply extraordinary. This message won’t perhaps, fully repay them for all their work, but I just want to say how much they did for our family. You’re a credit to this country.

TAP Award in Education - March 2022

To: Mrs Gadhok, Mrs Haycock, Mrs Jowett and everyone who taught me while I was there!

Hiya! You guys might not remember me, but I was a student at St Mary's whilst Mrs Browne was the Headmistress. I'm doing my GCSE mocks this year and my main GCSE's next year. I just wanted to look back on all the friends for life I made there. My best friend is still Iris, and we're hitting on a decade of friendship now. I remember all the funny jokes Mr Meredith used to make when I was in Year 2, all those conversations with Mrs Gadhock and Mrs's Haycock's prize jar. I also still have your end of Year 1 card. Mrs Jowett, I'm never going to forget any of it. I just really wanted to look back on everything, because I never knew how much love all the Teachers gave me until today. Even though I only stayed there until Year 5, I remember everything, without any doubts. You're all the best Teachers anybody could ever wish for. The most amazing role models, so please never give up! I hope you see this, I cherish all of you so much! Lots of love. (From: Siya (Yishuka) Phalswal)

TAP Award in Social Care - February 2022

To: Caroline Hurry

A special thanks to Caroline, who not only cares for her mother who has dementia, but also is a carer in the community. She has worked throughout the pandemic and has been the only contact that some have had even during their end of life care.


TAP Award in Education - January 2022

To: Lorna Miller, Barton Peveril, Eastleigh, Hampshire

The most wonderful teacher that takes time to personalise responses to each student, despite being the only Teacher on the course. Thank you :-)

TAP Award in Healthcare - December 2021

To: Minor Injury Department

After a fall off a horse, I rang 111. I was given a time slot at A&E in Andover Hospital. I was greeted by a wonderful Receptionist, who introduced me to a Nurse called Sally, who saw me immediately and was sympathetic and caring. I was then x-rayed by very kind staff. Within a short time I left with my diagnosis of broken ribs and advice on how to manage it. Despite the discomfort I felt, the staff made me feel so much better.

TAP Award in Social Care - November 2021

To: All Staff, The Grange Care Home, Southall

The gratitude that my family and I feel towards all the staff that look after my sister, can not be put into words. Nothing is too much trouble even when things are really difficult. We feel reassured to know that my sister is safe, cared for and is treated like she still has a voice. Thank you!

TAP Award in Healthcare - October 2021

To: Mr. Gupta and his team

I would just like to thank Mr. Gupta and his team for the wonderful care I received when I came in for surgery. Everybody made me feel at ease. Nurse Charma and Physio, Julie made sure I had everything needed, to leave and feel confident. I would also like to thank Chris, the porter who even carried my bag out to the car.

TAP Award in Social Care - August 2021

To: Ashley Court Care Home, Poole

To the whole team, which includes the carers, housekeeping, kitchen, activities team and office staff. Keep the fantastic work up in these challenging weeks/months ahead. We are protecting the loved ones of those we trust are staying at home and not seeing our loved ones because of the job we do. You are all amazing.

A photo of Ashley court care home receiving the TAP Award in Social Care

To: Anna Izquierdo, Cognitive Impairment Dementia Services, Ealing (London)

I would like to thank Anna on behalf of all my family, for not only being a supportive Link Worker to my sister, but also for reassuring us today that my sister is settling into her new, albeit temporary environment. To know that she is safe and secure and when we can't see her is such a comfort to us. Thank you!

A photo of Anna Izquierdo of Cognitive impairment dementia services receiving the TAP Award in Social Care

TAP Award in Education - July 2021

To: Holy Cross CVA Primary School, Oldham, Greater Manchester

To the present KSI staff, who continue to come into work/school everyday. You are all wonderful, committed and driven people. From the beginning of the first lockdown, some of you have shown sheer dedication and strength to deal with many upturns in our usual school life. Without you guys physically showing your faces through this time, with no regard to your own personal struggles, is an absolute achievement to be recognised. Amazing, loved and truly recognised

TAP Award in Social Care - June 2021

To: Howdon Community Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, with special thanks to Aimee Perry

My message of thanks is for the help given to me when I couldn't get help from the doctors for my mental health. She referred me to a Social Prescriber, who I can call/ text at any time for mental health help. She also organised free meals to be delivered to my door, 3 times a week as I am a single mum and to save me having to go shopping as much with my 2 kids. She always goes above and beyond to help me, even during this coronovirus crisis.

A photo of Aimee Perry of Howdon community centre receiving the TAP Award in Social Care

TAP Award in Healthcare - May 2021

To: Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Ward 4 B4 staff

At last, a way to thank all the staff on Ward 4 B4 at Bournemouth Hospital. There were times when thought would never go home, but your care got me through the the dreaded Covid. Next week even go back to work on who a phased start. From the Sister, every day bought items from her own pocket for patients, to the cleaners who kept the Wards clean. Thank you each and everyone of you.